Milwaukee Monthly Meeting Children’s Religious Education (RE) is the way we pass on our values and way of Quaker life to our children.

A Welcoming Community

Our program seeks to provide a safe and welcoming community for our young Friends to explore their connection to the Divine, Milwaukee Monthly Meeting and the wider Quaker community.  The community we build through our Children’s RE program will support our young Friends to meet their life challenges following a Quaker path.


Through various activities including art, exploring nature, singing, theater, reading, and experiential play, we explore Quaker faith, practice, and history.  This includes the Quaker Testimonies – simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality – social justice, other faith traditions, and our diverse community.


We use multiple curriculum including lesson planning published from Friend’s General Conference (FGC) and other Quaker meetings.


Milwaukee Friends Meeting hires a part-time staff person to lead the Children’s Religious Education. All activities are coordinated through Children’s RE Committee. In addition, parents and adult members of Meeting provide a welcoming adult presence for our children and teens.