Resources to Help Better Understand Quaker Faith and Practice

The below resources are provided for those who are new to Quakerism and who are seeking more information. These resources include an overview slideshow as well as a series of links to videos and reading materials all aimed at helping newcomers gain a better understanding of Quaker faith and practice.

The core understanding of the Quakers – also known as the Religious Society of Friends – is that the Divine is present in every person and guides each of us in ways big and small. 

Our job is to quiet our selves in order to hear the voice of God, and then to act on it.

A Slideshow Overview of Quaker Faith and Practice

Resources on Quaker Faith and Practice

  • You can click here to read an overview of Quakerism from the Quaker Information Center at the Earlham School of Religion
  • FAQ about Quakers – from the Friends General Conference
  • To read a three-page overview of Quaker history, faith and practice, click here.
  • Nine common Quaker beliefs are described in this video by one experienced Quaker.  For a transcript of this presentation, click here.
  • Insights from 26 different Quakers on their faith and practice is provided in this informative video
  • Excerpts from the inspirational book by Thomas R. Kelly – A Testament of Devotion – can be found here
  • If you wish to learn more about Quakerism through an independent study format, please check out the Quaker Dialogues here.
  • For a copy of the Northern Yearly Meeting book on Quaker Faith and Practice, click here.

Selected Reading Material for Those New to Quakerism

Selected Books on Quakerism

  • Letters to a Fellow Seeker – Steve Chase
  • Friends for 350 Years – Howard Brinton
  • Hidden Wholeness – Parker Palmer
  • The Eternal Promise – Thomas Kelly
  • Essential Writings of Rufus Jones