Milwaukee Friends Meeting makes its meetinghouse available to individuals and groups for appropriate activities. Celebrations, memorials, weddings, meetings, workshops, dances, and concerts are some of the many functions for which our meetinghouse has been used. If you or your group would like to use our meetinghouse, we invite you to read the information below to see if your activity is appropriate, check our calendar to see if the date you wish is available, and then contact us to make arrangements for your activity

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Our meetinghouse is fully accessible to those with physical disabilities.

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Free wireless Internet access (no password required).

Emergency Action PlanClick here to access the Milwaukee Friends Meeting Emergency Action Plan which provides critical information on the location of fire extinguishers, AEDs and details directions for evacuations, medical emergencies and more.

Meetinghouse & Koenen Land Preserve Rules

Milwaukee Monthly meeting relies on volunteer help.The success of our Meetinghouse Use Program depends on your cooperation. Please share these rules with others in your group.

No Alcoholic beverages are permitted.
No Gambling or games of chance.
No Smoking in the Meetinghouse. Smoking is permitted only outdoors.
Fires, scented candles, smudging and incense are not permitted.
No glitter, sequins, or confetti
may be brought into the meetinghouse.
No candles unless approved in advance (allow 4 to 6 weeks for approval).

Temporary Pandemic Protocols:
1. Maximum capacity is 50 persons.
2. Entry into the lower level is not permitted.

Please respect our Land Preserve. Stay on designated paths. Do not pick flowers or plants. Use caution near the river’s edge. Questions about use of the Preserve should be directed to the Land Committee of Milwaukee Friends Meeting.

Children must be supervised at all times to prevent accidental injuries or damage to property. Toys may be used, but please return them to their places. Please do not use our art supplies.

Obtain permission from Meetinghouse Committee before posting any signs or decorations. Please use tape only on glass surfaces.

Please stack chairs after use (not more than four high). Avoid dragging chairs on parquet floor. Tables are stored in compartment between rest rooms on main floor. Please replace after use.

Please ask people from your group to clean up. Your participation in keeping our facility pleasant enables us to keep it available for community use.

All exterior doors and windows must be locked when you leave the building. Please check between levels exit to North and two exits onto front deck. Double doors must be locked by setting the electronic button to the Locked position.

The purpose of Milwaukee Monthly Meeting’s security policy is to maximize safety for users of the Meetinghouse and secure property within the Meetinghouse. Non-adherence issues will be addressed by the Meetinghouse Committee. The policy is as follows:

  1. Milwaukee Monthly Meeting requires all users (members, attenders, outside groups, tenants, committees and individuals) to maintain the security of the Meetinghouse by locking the main doors whenever left unattended.
  2. A representative from every group using the Meetinghouse should be stationed by the main doors to monitor who is entering the building. Late arrivals can use the doorbell to gain access.
  3. After participants have arrived the main doors must be locked, and remain locked, or physically monitored for the duration of the event/use. The main door will be open for Sunday morning worship. Greeters will be responsible for locking the doors at the start of adult Religious Education (approximately 12:00 noon).
  4. Unauthorized individuals in the building or in the immediate area should be asked to leave. If an individual refuses to leave, contact the Milwaukee Police Department at 911. The Steward should also be contacted.
  5. At the end of every event all the doors must be secured.
  6. The Meetinghouse Use Coordinator or Steward will advise scheduled weekday users of any individual or group authorized to access the building.

Meetinghouse Floor Plan

Meeting House Floor Plan Image


Fees for building use will be in the form of donations payable to the Milwaukee Friends Meeting. There is no charge for events which are sponsored by our Meeting or are open to everyone in the meeting community.

The fee schedule below is for Private Uses (i.e. celebrations, memorials, etc. arranged for an individual or business). Members and attenders, using the building for a personal event, are asked to contribute 1⁄2 of the regular fee.

Regular Fee

Area 3-6 hours (half-day) 6-12 hours (full day)
Main Floor$ 250$350

Fees for nonprofit groups are reduced (see below). Meeting may further reduce fees for nonprofit groups. Written requests should be submitted with completed Use Application for approval. If approved, reduced fees remain in effect for all uses within one year.


Area 3-6 hours (half-day) 6-12 hours (full day)
Main Floor$150$ 200

Fundraising at the meetinghouse by non-Quaker groups must be approved by Meeting for Business. Reaching unity for this approval may require seasoning, so approval may take more than one monthly meeting. Political fund raising is not an appropriate use for the meetinghouse.

Applications are available from the meetinghouse use coordinator and must be completed, signed and returned prior to use.

A damage deposit of $100 is requested of all first time users. This will be returned upon a satisfactory after-use inspection by a member of meetinghouse committee.

Groups and individuals should provide a certificate of insurance to meeting prior to use or users may be asked to sign a ‘hold harmless’ agreement.

Events sponsored by members/attenders of meeting that are open to the meeting community are considered to be meeting events. There is no fee. Members or regular attenders using the meetinghouse for a private event will be expected to pay one-half of the regular use fee.

Application Form

If you have read the above rules about the use of the meetinghouse and have reviewed the calendar and found that the date you wish is free, please download and fill out an application form.

The application is in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader, a free program available from Adobe’s web site here.

The application includes the Meetinghouse & Koenen Land Rules, a floor plan of the meetinghouse, and a map and directions to the meetinghouse.

Wireless Internet Access

Milwaukee Friends Meeting offers wireless access to the Internet from any wireless enabled personal computer, cell phone, or PDA. Access is available throughout the meetinghouse and for a short distance outdoors. Connection speeds are 3.0 mbps downstream and 758 kbps upstream.

No password is required. The name of our wireless network is Friends Meeting.

There is also an iMac computer in the library that is available for use by anyone renting the meetinghouse.

Contact Information

Meetinghouse Use Coordinator
Milwaukee Friends Meeting
3224 N. Gordon Place
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Voice mail: (414) 263-2111