Provides learning opportunities for adults to deepen their understanding of Quakerism and share experiences.

About our committee:

As Quakers, we are open to continuing revelation which in addition to worship, may come from daily experience, scripture or other meaningful writings, our relationships, and how we experience community. During Adult Religious Education programs, we meet together in a circle, as we do in worship, to listen to each other and share our experiences.

Our programs are scheduled on Sundays after worship from Noon to 1pm during the “school year” – September through May. We do not meet on the Sundays when we hold Meeting for Business after worship. There might also be Adult Religious Education programs (Adult “RE”) in the evening or mini-retreats on a Saturday.

One of the goals of Adult Religious Education in our meeting is to foster an ever-deepening understanding of Quakerism, including our worship and business practices. Our programs often provide the chance to hear personally from Quakers in our meeting and beyond who “let their lives speak” through social justice work in the world. We might experience well respected Friends of the past through passages from their writings, or we might read chapters of our yearly meeting’s Faith and Practice. Sometimes we share our responses to quotes and queries on a testimony or a theme of Quaker life like simplicity or peace. Sometimes Friends traveling from other meetings or representatives of Quaker organizations share programs of interest.

Everyone is always welcome at an Adult “RE” program, whether a visitor, a newcomer, a long-time attender or a member of our meeting – each one of these is a member of our community and a valuable part of our learning together.

Upcoming Adult Religious Education programs are always publicized in our weekly announcements.

Why members serve:

Committee Convener:

Elizabeth Evans