Gives inmates an opportunity to share spiritual experiences and further their religious education.

About our committee:

Some of us undertake training to be approved as “pastoral visitors’ by Wis Department of Corrections (DOC). This allows us to hold meetings for worship (including fellowship, singing, silent worship, worship sharing and religious education). Currently this occurs monthly at Waupun and Fox Lake prisons. Up to half a dozen men attend regularly.

Others of us correspond with these men and with former attenders now at other prisons.

Why members serve:

“This is richly rewarding service. The depth of gratitude from the inmates is a powerful experience. It matters that we show up. But it also matters that they show up. We look forward to the presence of their wisdom, spirit and humanity as much as they look forward to ours. Our different circumstances seem to dissolve away as we share with each other and hold each other in the Light.”

Committee Convener:

Ann Hippensteel