On what do Friends base their faith and practice?

Both our way of worship and our social witness grow from our conviction that each person – regardless of any and all differences – possesses a positive, creative, unifying quality. We refer to the dignity, worth or preciousness of the individual, to “that of God” in each person. Thus we welcome diversity and our worship allows any one of us to receive and share divine leading. It follows that for 350 years Quakers have witnessed for peace, equality, simplicity and justice.

A Brief History of Milwaukee Meeting

Milwaukee Quakers first started meeting as a worship group in 1941 in the basement of a Baptist church on the Eastside. In 1950 this group became an autonomous Meeting. Between 1950 and 1984 when Milwaukee Meeting moved into its own Meetinghouse, Milwaukee Quakers gathered in seven different sites including YMCAs and churches. This original Meetinghouse was expanded in 2001 to double its size. Milwaukee Meeting has close ties to other meetings in the upper Midwest through Illinois Yearly Meeting and Northern Yearly Meeting. It also contributes to the American Friends Service Committee and to many local social services.
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