At the Milwaukee Friends Meeting (Milwaukee Quakers) we espouse the following values:

We seek that of God in everyone

We meet in stillness, waiting for the inspiration of the spirit

We open to new light from wherever it may come

We seek simplicity, equality, integrity, justice, and peace in our lives and in our service to others

We cherish our unity and respect our diversity

We seek to live in the spirit which takes away occasion for war

As Quakers, we have no overall creed. We believe that every person is loved and guided by God.​ We use many words to describe the Divine, including: God, the Light Within, Christ, Spirit, and Inward Teacher.​ The origins of Quakerism are deeply rooted in Christianity.  While many Quakers consider themselves Christian, others find their spiritual inspiration from such traditions as Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and the nature religions.